We specialize in Laser hair removal for all skin types, and provide skin and facial treatments.

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Forever Laser Inc. is a growing and dynamic company. We specialize in Laser hair removal for all skin types, and provide skin and facial treatments. Forever Laser provides excellent customer service, state of the art equipment, with the most advanced technology in today’s industry.

Our technicians have upto 15 years of experience. We strive to provide you with as much information as possible and ensure your services performed are in a comfortable and professional environment.

We understand that Laser is a personal and sensitive topic for many people. All of our clients receive complete privacy and health records are confidential. My knowledge and experience will help you make the right decision with respect to your personal needs.


I have been going to Rama for my facial laser treatments. My cousin referred me to Rama. I was hesitant at first but as soon as I saw a huge difference on their faces, I knew I had to do my face as well. Rama is a very understanding and professional technician. She answers all questions and concerns you may have. Naturally, being a little scared, I really wanted someone I could trust with my face. I had problems under my chin as it was growing thicker than normal. This uneasiness I was having was fixed in one treatment that I had with Rama. It was amazing how my problem area was no longer a problem.
Rama comes with experience, respect and trust and that is what you need when someone is performing treatments to someone’s face. I am thankful that Rama is my technician and that she has treated my face.


Toronto, Ontario

What makes Laser technology the preferred method of hair removal? Simple, it lasts. I had heard many comments and didn’t believe the positive effects it had until I had gone in as an observer. I was very impressed by the professionalism that Rama displayed, which in turn made me want her as my technician after seeing the results on my sisters face. With Rama’s caring attitude and concern, I wanted someone I could trust, and she definitely made me feel like I could trust her with my face.
I came in last year with courser hair on parts of my face and through my treatments; I have seen a tremendous difference. Rama, being my technician, she has always made me feel comfortable and has done an excellent job in treating my face. She has continued to show her support and kindness not just in her clinic, but also allowing me to call her anytime with a question I may have.
Comparing to the temporary nature of waxing, lotions, electrolysis etc. laser has definitely made a difference on my face.


Woodbridge, Ontario

My name is Joanne; I came to Forever Laser because I was tired of waxing. It was also expensive. I was tired of ingrown hair.
Laser hair removal is great, no more shaving, waxing and best of all ingrown hairs. My legs and bikini area are always smooth and silky. It is especially great in the summer. I love wearing my shorts and summer skirts and showing off my legs.
Rama is great and very professional, she explains everything. She is doing a great job and is very patient. I would recommend Forever Laser to everyone. It is money well worth spending, it is permanent hair loss.


Milton, Ontario

I have been attending Rama’s laser treatments for just over one year. Before laser, my legs had dark and large pores and marks that seemed like permanent scars. Now, those scars that seemed permanent, no longer exist. Instead, I have smooth, silky and I can go months without having to do anything to them. I love showing off my legs now. It is great not having to worry about putting on a skirt or even a bathing suit. I was so satisfied with Rama’s work that I convinced my daughter to change from her previous technician to Rama.
Rama convinced me instantly to have the treatment done with her. She is professional and treats her client’s bodies as if they were hers. Another positive aspect of Rama is you pay as you go and her prices are reasonable. She does not expect you to pay the full treatments right away. Also, she does not bombard her clients with papers to sign. This shows her self confidence with her profession.
Laser is one of the best decisions I ever made. Thank you Rama.


Mississauga, Ontario

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